Southern Illinois Photographic Society (SIPS)

SIPS is a small club for members of the community who enjoy photography has a hobby or as a profession. It provides opportunities for photographers to learn from each other.

Screen capture of current SIPS website; go to site.


Design and develop a professional, easy to use site that is easy to maintain in a CMS. The site should be informative for those new to the organization, have a calendar of events, feature members' websites, and promote the club's events.


  • The organization did not have an official logo. The board decided to hold a logo design contest among it's membership. A complementary color was chosen to go with the logo.
  • A layout with two navigation sections was chosen. The side navigation was chosen as the primary location for club specific information due to the quantity of pages. The top navigation helped to balance the look of the site and keep non-essential information out of the way.
  • Joomla was chosen as the CMS as that is what I knew at the time. I created a custom template file with only the necessary modules for the site.

Current State

I handed the site off to another member to maintain when I moved out of the area in 2008. My initial work still exists.

Visit the site at


  • Update code and color palatte for accessibility and responsiveness.
  • Remove sections/pages that are no longer regularly maintained or utilized, such as the Forum.
  • Reconsider navigation structure and terminology as link text for the 'Links' section and 'Resources' page as those terms are not very meaningful.
  • Update copyright info in the footer.