About Me, the Individual

I imagine you'd like to know a little more about me as a person, especially since I'm not just a web developer.

Georgia Peach

I was born and raised in Georgia, suburbs of Atlanta, and enjoyed spending summer weekends in the north Georgia mountains and a week or two of each year at the beach. I went to college in Florida; but it was grad school that brought me to southern Illinois where I later met my husband. We relocated to central Illinois when I began a 7-year career as a special education teacher in 2008. While Atlanta has grown too big for me, I'm still a Georgia peach at heart.


I get excited when a project starts coming together. I'm eager to share my enthusiasm with my teammates; I'm an encourager too.

You'll also find that I'm passionate about learning. When I get excited about learning something new, I want to learn it well so that I can make good decisions and do the best work possible.


"Awesome Susan." That's what a friend once called me. That's what a friend once called me. She described me as having with strong convictions while being totally non-judgmental of others.

I have a strong willpower too. Imagine giving up your favorite foods. I gave up my favorites, including ice-cream and pizza, along with processed foods. My health and fitness goals are important to me. When I crave the sugar and junk food, I tell myself, "It's not real food."

Hobbies and Interests

Life would be dull without a few hobbies and interests to enjoy. Here are a few of mine.


I went to college to become a professional flutists and went on for a master degree in performance. The private flute studio is really where I started to nurture my love for teaching. Now, I play at church. Few know that I play. I hope to start up a flute studio again one day.

Sharp Shooter

I started learning to shoot a pistol near the end of 2015. Now I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of getting the smallest group on my target at the range. It's a sport for me and a great way to unwind after a hard day's work.

Nature Lover

I grew up playing in the woods and a creek in a neighborhood park. Now I enjoy hiking, kayaking, canoeing, and birdwatching. I've also been a member of various Audubon societies and helped my husband lead a few bird walks since moving to central Illinois.


Crochet is one of the things I enjoy doing while vegging on the couch during the winter months. You might find me at the office when my shawl on if I'm cold or I might be using the purse I made. One of these days I'll finish the queen size quilt I'm making.