Hobbico, Inc.

Hobbico, Inc. is the largest U.S. distributor of radio-control and general hobby products. I became their one and only dedicated web developer among an established group of graphic artists and system programmers in April 2015.

Screen capture of a page from the Hobbico website; go to site.


Update the existing hobbico.com website to be accessible and responsive.

Beginning State:

  • Layout was devloped using fixed-width tables using HTML4.
  • Color contrast was minimal making it difficult to read text.
  • Navigation was not keyboard accessible.
  • Form elements did not have labels and iframes did not have title attributes.
  • Images and image maps were missing alt attributes.

Changes Made Along the Way

  • Worked with marketing personel to restructured main site navigation to make it more categorical.
  • Utilized PHP to make pages regularly updated easier to maintain.
  • Some content required detailed planning and major changes to make accessible and responsive. This provided an opportunity to doe some side-by-side collaboration with a graphic artist to enhance the UX design and layout in parts of the site. Check out the Brands page for some fun UX interaction.


I had the opportunity to share my work on this project during a Monthly 'Explore with Hadi' Accessibility Chat at the U of I. I was given high praise for my work, especially considering this was my very first accessibility overhaul.

Visit the live site at hobbico.com.