Keep It RC serves as Hobbico's home base for RC related videos.

Screen capture of a page from the Keep It RC website; go to site.


Build a well organized website to feature RC related videos that can also be utilized in other marketing efforts.

My Participation

  • I participated as part of a large team for the initial brain-storming and content strategy sessions for the site. Content strategy was led by marketing staff.
  • I took example websites provided by marketing staff and led the graphics team in the initial design phase of the project.
  • I was in charge of all development strategy, research, and implementation.

My Accomplishments

  • Google's YouTube API. This was my first time working with a public API.
  • Create responsive iFrames. I utilized JavaScript to make the iFrame with YouTube's embed code responsive.
  • Lazy Load. The site you see now is the 2nd design of the site. The first design utilized a navigation list of videos to the right side of the video play and incorporated lazy load techniques using AJAX and PHP for a listings of videos with no size limit.
  • JavaScript Key Listener. I decided to employ the use of arrow keys for navigation on the current version of site. However, upon consulting with a respected accessibility guru, I recently learned some of my work, while logical, conflicts with the use of arrow keys by screen readers and should be removed.
  • Although not a first, I built the slider of videos from the ground up. The artists and I hade difficulty finding a pre-made JavaScript class that had the exact functionaity and design elements we wanted.

Visit the live site at